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Today, I will be sharing another blog with you. This blog is very similar to mine. The San Marcos Food Blog posts several reviews on local restaurants. The San Marcos Food Blog also lists different categories of food choices, as well as recommendations. I personally enjoy reading this blog because it shows a similar interest, and it gives me more places to try out.

What I really enjoyed most about The San Marcos Food Blog is that the author (Luke) constantly kept updating his blog. He has a whole list of food choices, and he has a list of restaurants to go with it. He incorporated several pictures in each blog that brought color to the page, as well as an appetite. He inspires me to take more pictures and add more details about the food that I am eating.

His post about PIE SOCIETY was one of my favorites. He created a photo gallery for pictures, and used several different tags to allow more people to find his page. He posted pictures of the whole restaurant and added pictures of not only his pizza, but all other kinds of pizza Pie Society creates.He also added Pie Society’s signature pizzas to his original page. I liked this idea because it allows readers to stay on the same page to view the menu instead of having to open up a window.


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“So if you are looking for a real pizza place to satisfy even the strongest pizza cravings, I really think you will love Pie Society as much as I do. I have to salute them for finally giving me a go-to pizza place. you guys are awesome!”


He gives his honest opinion about the Pie Society, and gives them a great name. Luke shows great composure while writing his reviews and gives people something to crave.

You can find more information on The San Marcos Food Blog liking his Facebook  or emailing him at



HELLO! I am a 20 year old student attending one of Texas's finest schools, ehem (TEXAS STATE). I am a PR and MC major. I work in San Antonio at 54th Street Bar&Grill as a server/bartender. I am always surrounded by delicious food and drinks! I am currently taking summer courses at Texas State and in one of my super awesome classes I get to create my very first wordpress!

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